Cérémonie d'ouverture

Léo Taillefer

Auditorium - Conference Centre



RéalisationColas Feuillie et Léo Taillefer
Durée1.30 min.

At the opening ceremony, Léo Taillfer will present a sneak preview of Charvet FPV, which was filmed in Val d’Isère in March 2023.




Carte blanche Ushuaïa TV

Cinéma de Val d'Isère



RéalisationJulie Monière, Lionel Thillet
Durée52 min.
EditionCICADA Production & Ushuaïa TV

Julie Monière sets out to explore the legendary Lake Baikal. In close contact with Mother Nature, Julie hopes to reconnect her senses and find her place in the world.


Every day from 4:30pm - Conference Centre

Find the most beautiful memorises photos of the expedition to Peru “Upurkushun”


Every day from 4:30pm - Conference Centre

Admire an EXHIBITION OF PHOTOS from Nouria Newman’s adventure.

Climbing session

Monday 17th of April at 3pm - Aqua Leisure Complex


Charles Dubouloz, protagonist of the film “De l’ombre à la lumière” (From dark to light) invites you to join him for a climbing session.

10 people maximum
Climbing equipment available to hire
Own equipment recommended

Mandatory registration through Val d’Isère Tourist Office on +33 (0)4 79 06 06 60

Discovery of Musher's job

Tuesday 18th of April at 11am - Vallée du Manchet


The Adventure and Discovery Film Festival invites you into the heart of the Manchet valley in Val d’Isère for an unforgettable ride on Evolution 2’s dog sled.

Mandatory registration and bookings through Val d’Isère Tourist Office on +33 (0)4 79 06 06 60

Virtual reality

Tuesday 18th of April from 2pm to 6pm - Médiathèque

Have you always dreamed of flying like a bird? To soar above Paris? To get a little high?

So come and experience the game Eagle Flight at the Media Library!

Free / From 12 years old / On reservation / Half-hour slots

Speed-riding record

Wednesday 19th of April from 8am - Bottom of the Face de Bellevarde

Maxence Cavalade will attempt to break his own SPEED-RIDING RECORD : 56 runs and 47,768m, in this sport that combines skiing with mini-wing paragliding. He will take off from the top of the Olympique gondola.

Postponed to later in the week in the event of adverse weather conditions

DJ SET de Molécule

Wednesday 19th of April, from midnight - Doudoune Club

Romain de la Haye-Serafini, director of the film “29173NM”, who also goes by the stage name Molécule, takes you on a journey with his music.

Free entry

Kayaking session

Thursday 20th of April at 11am - Aqua Leisure Complex

Nouria Newman shares her tips and advice in a one-off KAYAKING SESSION in Val d’Isère’s Aqua Leisure Complex.

Mandatory registration and bookings through Val d’Isère Tourist Office on +33 (0)4 79 06 06 60


9 am – Barbara Candas will facilitate literary encounters with festival authors each morning.

Free sign-up required at the Tourist Office or the festival bookshop. Limited availability.

Book sales will take place at the festival bookshop every day from Monday 17 to Thursday 20 April from 4:30 pm to 10:30 pm and also during book-signing sessions.




Literary breakfast

Cédric Gras

Hôtel Ormelune

Literary breakfast with Cédric Gras

Alpiniste de Mao

AuteurCédric Gras

Xu Djin and Liu Lianman had never even seen mountains before, let alone tried mountaineering in any way, shape or form. In 1960, the Chinese Communist Party named them as “designated volunteers” and, alongside their comrades, they were ordered to conquer Qomolangma – the ancestral local name for Mount Everest. They were also tasked with placing a bust of Mao Zedong on the rooftop of the world as a symbolic gesture, apparently to highlight their definitive victory over Tibet. In that climate of intense propaganda, the whole country neglected to realise that the highest mountain summit on our planet had already been reached seven years earlier from the Nepalese side by Edmund Hillary and Tensing Norgay.




Literary breakfast

Alban Michon

Ô Ccrazy Barms

Literary breakfast with Alban Michon

L’école des explorateurs

AuteurAlban Michon

Alban Michon, an expert in all things extreme, shows us that anything is possible in his comprehensive manual for explorers. From setting up the project and its financing to survival techniques in a hostile environment and surpassing oneself, this extraordinary explorer devised this book to be an expedition that we can follow from the initial idea to its implementation. Sitting somewhere between a practical guide and a coffee-table adventure book, Alban Michon lifts the lid on his explorations, inspiring us all to aim high and achieve our dreams.




Literary breakfast

Sylvain Tesson

Hôtel La Savoyarde

Literary breakfast with Sylvain Tesson


AuteurSylvain Tesson

Alongside my friend Daniel du Lac, a mountain guide, I set off from Menton on the Mediterranean coast to cross the Alps on skis, heading for Trieste via Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. From 2018 to the end of winter 2021, we made our way through the snow. An unblemished sky, a world with no limits, only our effort marked the passing time. I felt like I was on an adventure into beauty, diluted into substance. In the whiteness, all is erased – hopes and regrets.

Why did I love wandering in this purity so much?


Volodia Petropavlovsky

La Dernière Frontière

At the age of twenty-one, the author set off to cross Alaska in a canoe. He followed the course of the Tanana and then the Yukon to the Bering Sea, 2000 kilometres from his starting point. Along this largely uncharted route, bivouacs are never a safe option whether you’re at the edge of the forest at the mercy of bears or staying with locals, prone to binge-drinking sessions under the flaming skies of the long polar days. Taking us beyond the usual descriptions of the Final Frontier that we find in Jack London or National Geographic, the author comes into contact with the natives, discovering their culture and their fascinating land. This generous account, rich with humour, opens up another world by plunging us into the unknown.

Meet the author between screenings: Monday and Tuesday at the festival bookshop.

Jean-Yves Fredriksen

Vol au-dessus de l'Himalaya

The first crossing of the Himalayas in a paraglider. Four months of solo travel to realise a dream in a true test of strength where herculean task meets human fragility.
On a summer’s day in 2016, Jean-Yves Fredriksen climbed a small peak close to Duchanbe in Tajikistan on foot. The first peak at the western extremity of the Himalayas. He carried a backpack weighing almost 50 kg: food supplies, tent, duvet, stove – everything he needed to be self-sufficient for the 4000 kilometre crossing of the longest mountain range in the world. In a paraglider.

Book signing session after the screen of Lumdo Kolola on Thursday 20 April at 8:30 pm at the festival bookshop.